Pizzaria 53

Pizzeria La Notizia, 53

Pizzeria, a synonym for home, a soul place. The place where Enzo finds himself. Where his life story exists and lives. Where ancient techniques and traditions are strictly adopted. Where the best food products of “Campania Felix” strengthen their flavors, aromas and colors. Where employees are one big family that, when the working hours are over, gather around the table with the desire and happiness to share dinner. Where the pizzeria becomes a creativity lab so as to offer unique combinations of flawless quality and taste. Where everything is the result of a great team effort. Where love for one’s own job coincides with the pleasure of cooking for others and make them happy. Where customers are warmly welcomed as friends hosted at home and complete the missing part of the chair cut in half that triumphs on the wall. Where those who choose to spend an evening with us share the beauty of being together, eating and drinking. Where food becomes the resource that enables to get to know each other a little more, day after day. Identity, Unity, Pleasure. La Notizia: the “Where” of Enzo Coccia.

Contact us

  • Telephone

    +39 081 714 21 55

  • Address

    Via Caravaggio 53 , 80126 Napoli

  • opening hours

    Sunday -Thursday 19:30am-00:30am
    Friday – Saturday  19:30am-01:00 am
    Closed on Mondays.

    Reservations are not accepted