Citreum (Pizza with lemon)

An imaginative combination and the revival of a 2000-year-old eating habit that goes back to ancient Romans

 Albedo of Procida lemon chopped in wafer-thin slivers;

Buffalo mozzarella;

 Buffalo air-dried beef added just after the pizza comes out of the oven.

Pizza with zucchini pesto

The greenery of the garden comes in the form of a light pesto perfectly combined with smoked cheese and bacon.

Zucchini pesto;

Smoked buffalo mozzarella, smoked bacon;

Grated provolone del Monaco cheese,;


Pizza caponata

A tribute to the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, which establishes a “marriage” between the renowned Sicilian dish and one of the world’s most famous foods.

Buffalo mozzarella;

Capers, semi-dried cherry tomatoes;

Grated caciocavallo podolico cheese;

“funghetto” eggplants, basil.

Pizza with anchovies and…

A combination that couples sea and land: the intense flavor of fresh anchovies is harmonized with the equally explosive texture of the dried tomatoes.

Buffalo mozzarella;

Extra virgin olive oil;

Fresh anchovies;

 Dried San Marzano tomatoes.

Pizza “baccalà in cassuola”

An uncommon pizza that brings the sea to your table with what was once considered poor man’s food.

San Marzano tomatoes;

Gaeta black olives, capers;

Salted codfish;

Parsley, basil.

Pizza alla procidana

It has the same colors of the classic margherita but on it the “king” is prepared according to an eighteenth century recipe: grilled is even more vibrant.

Grilled tomatoes;

Parsley, garlic, basil;

Oregano, extra virgin olive ;

 Smoked scamorza.